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My name is Ram. I build applications that help organisations operate more efficiently.

  • Scalable, secure applications on AWS
  • DevOps processes and tooling
  • Infrastruture-as-Code (Terraform, Pulumi)
  • Big data ingestion and ETL
  • Web backends (Spring Boot, Django, Express, Serverless)
  • Modern frontends (React)
  • Payment integrations with (Stripe, Chargebee, Adyen)
Ram Parameswaran


Cisco Road Defect Detection

Asset AI™ (NSW Government)

AWS Big Data Machine Learning Civic Tech

Asset AI™ is a $2.9 million prototype civic-tech product led by the NSW Government. It aims to predict deterioration, streamline maintenance and get to better outcomes for public road infrastructure.

As a Technical Advisor, I guided the product's solution architecture, cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and security processes. I led 20 hours of user-centred-design interviews to better understand customer pain-points and prioritise product features.



Python Amazon Web Services Terraform Typescript Integration Development DataBricks

I supported the development of a software stack to perform real-time energy-market operations in the Australian National Electricity Market.

I built highly-available, fault-tolerant, asynchronous integration applications to ingest data in real-time from external data sources and on-premises data centres to cloud environments.

I brought DevOps best practices to the project team, by building automated CI/CD pipelines, test suites and workflows for static security analysis.

NSW Government

Rules as Code (NSW Government)

Rules as Code OpenFisca Regulation Tech Python

I worked with the NSW Government and Code for Australia to explore the regulation-tech concept of "Rules as Code". I built two prototype full-stack applications to demonstrate the value of Rules as Code using real-world policies administered by the NSW Government. I co-authored a Technical Roadmap which is being used to inform ongoing development activities.

A huge part of this engagement was knowledge transfer; helping government to adopt modern technologies and agile delivery methods - a value I espouse in all my projects.



Stripe Payment processing Adyen Klarna Chargebee

I integrated the Klarna payment method into the existing payment gateway for Callaly's subscription e-commerce business. This required exquisite planning, documentation and testing to ensure a seamless migration.

Maximising conversion rate is paramount for any payment integration. I achieved this by streamlining the payment process and widening the range of payment methods.

Prism Technology Group

Prism Technology Group

Serverless Architecture Vue.js Stripe Payment processing Django

I provided ongoing full-stack development services for Prism Technology Group on its Carelog and RiskFacilitator applications.

Development work included planning, building and testing a Stripe (payment processing) integration to be shared across a range of Prism Group software products.



Django Rest Framework React.JS PostgreSQL Stripe Django

Menda is a contract negotiation platform for the legal industry. It makes amending, sharing, and agreeing upon contracts faster and more transparent.

The Menda app's emphasis on usability, scalability and security make it an exciting entrant in the legal industry.



Django Rest Framework Django React.JS Wagtail CMS

Pensify is a note-taking app for thinkers, planners and workers. It is a lightweight tool for quickly jotting down all those things that come to mind that you want to remember later: thoughts, quotes, music lyrics, to-do lists, code chunks, map directions, etc.

Pensify emphasises ease, speed, and recollection of knowledge. It supports full richtext and copy-paste from MS Word. It is available on web, Android, and iOS.



Data Integrity Financial Services Django Stripe

DealFlowFQ is a web application for the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sector. DealFlowFQ aims to make M&A data more accessible and verifiable. The application features a user dashboard, team management and team-based billing through Stripe, and an enhanced admin dashboard.


Edit Crowd

PostgreSQL HTML/CSS3 Django Bootstrap4 HighCharts.JS

Edit Crowd is a collaborative platform for aspiring writers to have their manuscripts edited and critiqued.

The app features two dashboard interfaces; one for writers to upload new works and inspect feedback, and another for readers to browse available manuscripts and provide feedback.

HTML/CSS3 Django Wagtail CMS One-day-build!

It's the site you're on right now! The site is built using the Django Wagtail CMS - a great tool for any website which has frequently-updated content.

This site was a fun one-day-build. Check out my blog on the build process here.

"Simplicity is the final achievement"